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Welcome to "House of Bobbin Lace"

“House of Bobbin Lace” is a website provided by CRIMSON Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, introducing its exportable items of bobbin lace-making supplies such as“Cha-P” brand excellent quality pins and wild silk yarns of various colors. We will be adding more items available also for export market in the near future.

Photos of currently available items

Pin <W-17>

Pin <F-40>

CRIMSON produce “Cha-P” brand pins designed for bobbin lace in Japan under a very strict quality control and market them world-widely. “Cha-P” pins made of stainless steel enjoy good reputation from the users all over the world because “Cha-P” pins have excellent heads to the touch and can be inserted into the pillow very smoothly besides being long durable and easy to use.

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